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2012 national civil service examination of the application on Summer Gifted series simulation title:  turbo tax 2013 calculator clean government in public education R & D teamone, cautions

1. this question and the answer given by the data requirements of two parts. Examination time is turbotax 2013 preparation 150 minutes. Among them, read the information given reference time limit of 40 minutes to answer the reference time is 110 minutes. Out of 100 points.

2. invigilator announced the start of the examination, you can begin the answer.

3. ask on the question paper, answer sheet fill in their names specified location, Tiantu ticket number.turbotax 2013 programs

4. All questions shall be answered using modern Chinese specified location in the answer sheet. Did not seek to answer, no points.

5. invigilator announces end of the examination, candidates should immediately stop answer to this question, the answer sheet and scratch paper are turned over turbotax 2013 amazon  to stay at the table until the invigilator confirmation number is correct, allowed to leave only after the leave. prohibited folded answer sheet! 

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